Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is a significant investment and carpet cleaning will prolong its life. Typically carpet manufacturer warranties require carpets to be professionally cleaned every 18 – 24 months. Domestic vacuum cleaners and carpet shampoo cleaners are not able to remove the deep down dirt and contaminants.

Reasons to Clean Carpet

Cleaning enhances the appearance of your carpet and makes it easier to maintain
Dirt and grit trapped in the carpet pile damages your carpet over time and can account for up to 85% of dirt on a carpet
Cleaning r
emoves spots and stains. Most stubborn stains can be removed
Regular cleaning p
revents the build up of allergens and bacteria and removes dust mites
Cleaning p
rotects the indoor air quality. Carpets are generally good for air quality as airborne pollutants
are trapped by the
pile. However the build up of trapped pollutants should be periodically removed to maintain air quality.

Carpet Clean – Water Extraction

Water extraction is a popular means of cleaning carpets with good reason as it leaves carpets looking clean and refreshed. Prior to undertaking any work we first inspect the carpet and determine the fibre type and construction. You can therefore be assured that your carpets can be cleaned safely using this method.

First of all we extract all of the dry dust and grit trapped in your carpet pile. We then follow this up by treating and removing any unsightly stains.

We then pre-treat your carpet with our effective eco-friendly non-detergent cleaning solution. We then use a specialist machine to evenly distribute the cleaning solution from the top to the bottom of the carpet pile. Your carpet is then rinsed to provide a deep thorough clean to the base of the fibres. Most importantly your carpet is not left in an alkaline state which can occur when detergents are poorly applied. Alkaline carpets actively attract dirt which means they get dirty much faster.

Our solutions are biodegradable and your carpets are left fresh and free of toxins and pollutants without compromising the health of your family and pets.

Fast Drying

We have invested in the latest carpet cleaning machines. Using these together with the appropriate cleaning techniques we are able to extract most of the water back out of your carpet. This means we are able to achieve much faster drying times so that most carpets are fully dry in a few short hours.

Carpet Protector

Our water-based solution provides a lasting protection to your carpets against penetration by oil or water based contaminants. This optional treatment is undertaken following carpet cleaning as a safeguard against accidental staining.

Carpet Sanitiser

We provide a deodouriser as standard. However if the carpet is particularly contaminated we can provide specialist sanitising and deodorising treatments. These use fast working odour digesting enzymes to quickly tackle strong unpleasant organic odours. These leave your carpet with a light pleasant smell.