Dry Carpet Cleaning

When is Dry Carpet Cleaning the Answer?

In some circumstances it isn’t practical to leave time for carpets to dry. Also some areas are humidity-sensitive and it’s not possible to use water. Dry carpet cleaning is also a great solution where people may need to walk across the carpet shortly after cleaning.  With our dry carpet cleaning process the carpet will not be damaged even if you walk across the carpet whilst it is being cleaned.

There are also a small number of carpets where there is a risk of shrinking when using rinse extraction. This is why we carefully inspect your carpet prior to recommending a cleaning method. We determine both what type of fibre the carpet is made from and how it has been constructed so we can determine how it will behave during cleaning.

Some customers just prefer dry carpet cleaning. The flexibility offered by dry carpet cleaning makes it a valuable option when it might be less practical to use other methods.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder

Safe for your children and pets
Our compound is a plant derived organic powder that is 100% biodegradable. The powder contains no detergents or optical brighteners. It has a pH of 5.5 which is the same pH as skin or wool fibres making it safe for your family and pets. Our powder does not leave any sticky residue in your carpet and it doesn’t leave your carpet in an alkaline state which would make it vulnerable to re-soiling. The dry powder doesn’t cling to the carpet fibres allowing it and the dirt absorbed into the powder to be easily removed at the end of the process.

The results we have been able to obtain using our dry carpet cleaning compound have been outstanding. We therefore confidently offer this as an effective method for cleaning your carpets.

Dry Carpet Cleaning – The Process

When we clean your carpets we still do all the preliminary carpet cleaning stages prior to using powder. First we extract all the dry dust and grit trapped in your carpet pile. This can account for up to 85% of soil in the carpet. We then follow this up by treating and removing any unsightly stains.

We then lightly spray your carpet with a ‘microsplitting’ solution designed to separate the dirt from your carpet fibres without the use of detergents. We now add the dry carpet powder and we use a specialist machine to brush the powder into the carpet pile. The loosened dirt is then absorbed into the powder enabling us to extract the combined dry powder and dirt from your carpet.

Carpet Protector

Our water-based solution provides a lasting protection to your carpets against penetration by oil or water based contaminants. This optional treatment is undertaken following carpet cleaning as a safeguard against accidental staining.