Frequently Asked Questions

What Carpet Cleaning methods do you use?

I use both rinse / extraction solutions and powders as the modern products I have selected all produce excellent results. Sometimes the type of material in the carpet or use of the carpet can make one method preferable to the other and the choice is always made with the agreement of the customer.

Do Carpets take long to dry?

When using rinse / extraction the powerful cleaning equipment I use will remove virtually all the water applied during rinsing  which means the drying process is kept to a minimum. There are a number of factors that affect the drying process including temperature, ventilation, level of staining and carpet composition. In a typical clean a carpets made from artificial fibres will be left slightly damp and will be touch dry in a couple of hours. Natural fibres such as wool, naturally absorb water and will therefore take a few hours longer. If leaving carpets to dry isn’t practical then I suggest using dry compound cleaning.

Will you move furniture?

I can normally move heavier items such as chairs and sofas using furniture sliders. I can move some drawers and cabinets using the same methods but you will need to empty them first. Where I am unable to remove items such as heavy glass cabinets I use a protective film to ensure they do not come to any harm during the cleaning process. I will advise you on what furniture I can move when undertaking a no obligation initial survey.

Is it safe for children and pets?

I am particularly careful in selecting the cleaning products used and take the health and safety of clients and their families very seriously. Relevant safety procedures are followed during the cleaning process.

Can you apply a stain protector to carpets and fabrics?

The stain protector treatment can be applied to carpets and fabrics to make cleaning after a spill much easier. This protects against penetration enabling most spills to be wiped or mopped away.

Will all stains come out?

Unfortunately no-one can guarantee to remove 100% of all stains. However having undertaken advanced training in stain removal and using an array of different products and methods I am able to successfully treat a wide variety of the spots and stains encountered including many that off the shelf cleaning products fail to remove.

Do you guarentee your work?

Yes I do. If in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied then please give me a call and I will undertake a recovery clean free of charge.